We are mapping our oceans to make the invisible visible.

Seafloor monitoring to improve conservation and sustainable industrial activities.

Our seafloor monitoring technology is changing the way we map, assess and understand our ocean.

Our monitoring technology

We standardize and automate seafloor mapping by combining data-rich hyperspectral images with machine-learning algorithms. Our interactive seafloor maps simplify vast amounts of data.


Make knowledge accessible

Our technology can visualize and quantify problems (e.g. plastic waste pollution) that remains hidden from our everyday-life. Our seafloors maps for the first time can visualize the problem to anyone. Our technology enables transparency, to effectively raise public awareness, support calls for action, but also help decision-makers to better strategize.


Enable sustainable Industries

We enable industries to act sustainable while simultaneously reducing costs for monitoring and making operations more efficient.


We strive to make our oceans healthy — this is how:

  • We support conservation and improve sustainable industries.

    95% of our oceans are unknown, yet we are highly dependent on them. We provide an intelligent underwater camera, that can scan and automatically evaluate seafloor areas, as well as underwater constructions. Our technology combines data-rich hyperspectral images with artificial intelligence and underwater navigation. This allows us to create interactive colour-coded seafloor maps, which will further conservation efforts and sustainable industrial developments, whilst reducing monitoring costs and time.

  • We standardize seafloor data.

    We visualize and simplify collected seafloor data, so that everyone is able to understand this complex data. We highlight the value of the oceans, and raise public awareness to current environmental risks. We provide real-time information to decision-makers, aid environmental actions, and reveal solutions to protect our resources.

  • We are dedicated to protect the good.

    Our technology enables everyone to understand current threats to the ocean, but also contribute to a healthier ocean, from individuals to industries. We make sure that our technology is not misused to exploit and unnecessarily damage our oceans.

Our Team

Our passion for the ocean is shared with our passion for our unique technology. Our biggest strength is the high diversity within the team (skill-sets and professions, nationalities). We have the know-how to further the planblue technology and are supported by extensive international networks.

Learn more

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