We strive to make our oceans healthy.

The health of our oceans is directly linked to all life on earth, yet 95% of our oceans are unknown. We believe that threats posed to nature and society, by e.g. climate change or plastic pollution, need to be tackled and understood using real-time, objective and automated tools. This is what we provide with our technology.

Our Team

Our passion for the ocean is shared with our passion for our unique technology. We share and enjoy responsibilities, love to be challenged and enjoy experiencing steep learning curves. We enjoy our journey together, both above and underwater.


Planblue is a spin-off company from the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology (MPI-MM) in Bremen (Germany). With the support from the EXIST Start-up program and the accelerator Climate-KIC, the four founders started planblue in 2017.


Unlike studies of the earth’s atmosphere and land surfaces (satellites), changes to our seafloor remains largely undocumented. Oceans cover two-thirds of the earth’s surface, yet 95% of its seafloor areas are unknown. This is surprising to us, as monitoring changes to our seafloor is essential. Healthy seafloor areas are the fundament for healthy oceans, and our oceans are important to all life on earth (e.g., source of food, regulation of climate, carbon sequestration, coastal protection).

We believe that threats posed to nature and society by e.g. climate change or (plastic waste) pollution need to be tackled and understood using real-time, objective and automated tools. Our mission is to standardize seafloor monitoring, make our technology accessible to anyone, and establish a unique Seafloor Database that will benefit us now (e.g., climate legislation), as well as future generations.

Important note: Our technology is not to be used to exploit or damage our oceans.

Thank you for the great support!




This is us

Hannah Brocke

Co-Founder & COO

Hi! I am the COO of planblue. I enjoy finding solutions and new potentials for our business, as well as strategically building networks and infrastructures for our team and company.

Joost den Haan

Co-Founder & CEO

Hi! I am the CEO of planblue. I am very passionate to spread the word on the importance of our seafloor using the latest technologies, involving the general public and politicians, not only researchers.

Raja Kandukuri

Co-Founder & CIO

Hi, I am the CIO of planblue. My personal motivation is to find and integrate the latest state-of-the-art technology to solve difficulties arising while monitoring the seafloor.

Guy Rigot

Co-Founder & CTO

Hi there! I am the CTO of planblue. I enjoy the challenge of looking for the very best developments and implementations for our technology, but also getting the job done in time.

Nils Öhlmann

Development Engineer

Naomi Esken

Project Director

Mischa Ungermann

Senior Data Scientist

Helia Sharif

Systems Engineer

Marten Ellssel

Software Architect

Wietse Boer

Business Operations Manager

Helge Staedtler

Senior Software Engineer

Christoph Schroeder

User Experience Lead

Anna-Lea Lesage

Data Scientist

Tobias Winkelmann

Mechanical Design Engineer

Shikha Thakur

User Experience Research Intern