Our data products

Our data products provide detailed and objective insights into benthic habitats. They are created from survey data gathered with our seafloor mapping system, which is either attached to an underwater drone, or operated by a SCUBA diver. The system is equipped with underwater hyperspectral (UHI) and RGB cameras and several underwater navigation sensors. The data it collects is sent through our proprietary, AI-driven processing pipelines.
Our first data products have been developed for nature-based solutions within the blue carbon and offshore wind markets. We are expanding our data product portfolio to other ecosystems (i.e., beyond seagrass meadows) and market verticals.


Our orthoimagery results offer an unprecedented level of detail, providing a highly detailed and comprehensive image of the seafloor.
These results are presented as e.g. GeoTIFFs, with a maximum spatial resolution of 1 x 1 cm. The data is generated from the 5.4K RGB sensor and underwater navigation unit of our mapping technology, which is then meticulously processed, including water column corrections and white balancing. The orthophotos serve as the foundation for our other data products.


Based on the Orthoimagery, we provide an accurate elevation model of the scanned area in the form of GeoTIFFs, with a resolution of 1x1cm. These maps can be used to validate existing bathymetry data of lower resolution and serve as the foundation for calculating the canopy height of the seagrass meadow, an intermediate data product needed to estimate seagrass biomass.


We utilize an AI-driven processing pipeline to detect and distinguish living and attached seagrass meadows in our orthoimagery, generating a data set indicating their coverage as a percent value.
We are currently working on incorporating additional benthic organisms and (human-made) structures into this dataset.


Utilizing our AI-driven pipeline alongside the Digital Elevation Model whilst leveraging our comprehensive data product Coverage, we can provide a reliable estimation of above-ground seagrass Biomass, in kg/m2.

Carbon Stock

This data product facilitates the quantification of carbon content (estimated in kg/m2) within seagrass meadows, operating at a spatial resolution of 10x10 cm. The estimations are derived through advanced AI-driven processing pipelines, which meticulously analyze data sourced from a variety of sensors integrated into our mapping technology.
Subsequently, empirical scientific data is applied to transform the amassed data set into assessments of the carbon stocks contained both above and below the seafloor within seagrass.


With our UHI sensor we can look beyond the mere structure of the seafloor. Through a range of (pre-determined) indices, our data provides you with a never seen before insight into the health and productivity of seagrass meadows (e.g., chlorophyll data set).

Advantages of using our products


Our software pipelines allow us to quickly process the seafloor data collected, in a standardised way with the support of AI.


Our underwater navigation sensors allow you to effectively return to your area of interest under water to e.g. track changes over time.


Our AI-based annotation libraries allow us to objectively identify features on the seafloor, without the constant need of human-based interventions.

Every pixel is data

We do not sub-sample the datasets we collect, each pixel is information leading to more precise results.

Quality Control

We avoid unnecessary mapping by providing the FieldGuide tablet app, which allows for on-site instant quality control of your data.

Multitude of use-cases

While our datasets provide great insights into nature-based solutions, they can also be used to e.g. determine biodiversity.
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We combine hyperspectral imaging, precise underwater navigation and AI-based automated data processing to ground-truth satellite, aerial and hydrographic imagery to scale nature-based solutions.
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