Join our team and our mission
to make the invisible visible.

Our Team

Our passion for the ocean is shared with our passion for our unique technology. Our biggest strength is the high diversity within the team (skill-sets and professions, nationalities). We have the know-how to further our technology and are supported by extensive international networks.

What will it be like working with us?

We very strongly believe in our team. Our strength is our high diversity in skills, talents and backgrounds, whilst sharing the same values. Our passion for the ocean is shared with our passion for our unique technology. We share and enjoy responsibilities, love to be challenged and enjoy experiencing steep learning curves. Feedback, input and questions are appreciated by and from everybody, also across different fields of expertise. We enjoy our journey together, both above and underwater.

I feel everybody is committed in our team. Not only committed to the task, but also to the overall goal of the company.

I love doing my engineering work at my desk, but also be able to work hands on in the field.

I believe we can accomplish something unique together: protecting and better understanding our oceans using our unique Underwater Satellite.

I like the appreciation by each other within the team.

Our Location

Bremen is a great location when it comes to marine and space technology. Many institutes and companies are working on state-of-the-art technologies in these sectors. Therefore, Bremen is an exciting environment for us to be in. We also very much enjoy the great lifestyle the city of Bremen offers. Bremen is an old trading city (Hansestadt) and is proud to still be autonomous (it is in fact the smallest state in Germany). Bremer (i.e., people living in Bremen) are generally open-minded, and the city shows this by its diversity in people, food and cultural events. Bremen is known for its free festivals, such as La Strada (international street-artist festival) or Breminale (international music festival). In summer, it is common to grab a drink and sit on the ‘Osterdeich’ along the Weser (i.e., river running through Bremen), and meet friends and family after work. At night, Bremer enjoy the night-life in the “Viertel”, an area that has attracted many artists since the 70s and 80s. Bremen also has a lot to offer to families. Therefore, Bremen is an exciting environment for us to be in.

Bremen feels like a small metropolitan city where you can still reach everything with your bicycle.


Planblue is a diverse team of visionary entrepreneurs and engineers whose mission is to protect, explore and reveal the unknown 95% of our ocean via a cutting-edge technology. We provide an intelligent seafloor mapping technology, a so-called ‘Underwater Satellite’. Our Underwater Satellite combines hyperspectral and RGB imaging with underwater navigation and artificial intelligence, which allows for automated and systematic monitoring of seafloors (e.g., coral reefs, lakes, oceanic shelves). We ultimately produce easy-to-interpret geo-referenced seafloor maps to quickly inform (amongst others) policymakers, coastal managers but also the general public. Our maps can be used for various applications, for underwater constructions (e.g. off-shore wind), but also to help tackle global critical problems including climate change and plastic waste in the ocean. Please find our open job positions below. We look forward to receiving your application!

Senior Data Scientist

Development Engineer Intern