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Habitat mapping for offshore wind MRV made easy

How hyperspectral imaging and machine learning provide fast and accurate EIA data


The Future of Marine Habitat Mapping

Report Launched by European Marine Board for Advancing Seas and Ocean Science.


Closing the data gap: PlanBlue featured in International Hydrographic Review

Following a passionate talk from our Co-founder and CSO Hannah Brocke at last year’s Hydrographic Conference HYDRO 2023 in Genoa, we got invited to write an article in the International Hydrographic Review.


CDL graduation announcement

PlanBlue is proud to announce its graduation from the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) Melbourne Prime 2023/24 program.


PlanBlue’s technology increases insights on coral reef transition

PlanBlue’s seafloor habitat mapping technology supported scientific research to monitor coral reef transition in Guam.


Where to Find Us in 2024

We will be presenting, attending, and tabling at a variety of events throughout 2024, and would love to take the opportunity to connect with you.


Partnership with Fugro to scale underwater habitat mapping

PlanBlue is excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Fugro, world’s leading Geo-data specialist.


Seagrass - a matter of life or death

Why measuring seagrass health is essential in our fight against climate change.
PlanBlue's DiveRay in Monaco, 2020


PlanBlue measuring performance of artificial reefs

PlanBlue’s seafloor habitat mapping technology was deployed in a study of the Université Côte d'Azur, to assess the effectiveness of artificial reefs to stimulate natural habitats.
DiveRay survey at Finger Reef


Article published in Scientific Reports assessing PlanBlue’s DiveRay

PlanBlue has published a peer reviewed article on the use of PlanBlue’s DiveRay for reef monitoring in the renowned scientific journal Scientific Reports.
Seabed 2030 and PlanBlue join forces


Seabed 2030 and PlanBlue announce partnership

Seabed 2030 and PlanBlue announce their collaboration in October 2023. The parties will work together to advance our understanding of the ocean floor, and in turn support the global effort underway to map the entire seafloor by 2030.
DiveRay mapping seagrass in Nice, France.


From seabed to cloud: PlanBlue featured in Hydro International

Hydro International recently featured an article by our founders Guy Rigot and Raja Kandukuri. Find here a brief overview of the article.


Where to Find Us in 2023

We will be presenting, attending, and tabling at a variety of events throughout 2023, and would love to take the opportunity to connect with interested stakeholders.


Happy World Seagrass Day!

Happy World Seagrass Day! Seagrass meadows are one of the most important and overlooked ecosystems on our planet. They provide a vital habitat for a vast array of marine life, from tiny plankton to majestic sea turtles. Not only do seagrass meadows foster biodiversity, they also play a critical role in maintaining ocean health by stabilizing sediments, absorbing carbon dioxide, and producing oxygen.


Winner of the Ocean Data Challenge

The World Economic Forum's open innovation platform UpLink has selected PlanBlue as one of the winners of its Ocean Data Challenge. This awesome honour is a great support in the journey to scale up.


High-Quality Blue Carbon Principles

PlanBlue is excited to announce the launch of the High-Quality Blue Carbon Principles and Guidance, a document developed by the Meridian Institute, co-sponsored by Salesforce, World Economic Forum's Friends of Ocean Action, Ocean Risk Allaince, Conservation International and The Nature Conservancy.


Field Tests for Marine Plastic Detection

After almost a year of work within the MtecPla Project, it was finally time for a field test. PlanBlue took the DiveRay, our underwater satellite monitoring system, to a lake in northern Germany called Hemmoor.


PlanBlue receives EIC Grant & Geospatial World Award

We know more about Mars than we know about the seafloor. Because flora and fauna play a crucial role for our climate and are a large food and job provider we need innovative technology to monitor their health.


Software Development: FieldGuide & SeafloorAtlas

PlanBlue is committed to protect our oceans. By providing easy-to-understand seafloor maps we enable decision makers to find solutions for global problems, such as climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution.


Hardware Development: DiveRay

High-quality seafloor monitoring requires high-quality gear and we are continuously developing our underwater satellite hardware solution, the DiveRay. The device has gone through numerous iterations and upgrades - on a journey to always become more intuitive for the user and offer a seamless experience of seafloor monitoring.


Taking the next step with our underwater navigation technology

After a couple of months fine-tuning our hard- and software in our labs and home-offices we now finally had the chance to test our technology again in the water before preparing for the next mapping campaign.


Underwater Hackathon 2021

After spending much of 2021 in the home office, our team decided to plan its very first hackathon with the aim to work on our process from data acquisition to data analysis. This was the first time in 2021 that the whole team saw each other in a long time without the help of technology – to say we were excited is a bit of an understatement.
Data Scientist Mischa Ungermann and Development Engineer Nils Öhlmann during testing in the pool of the DFKI. Image: Tobias Winkelmann / planblue


Pool Tests for Marine Plastic Detection

After half a year of development and planning within the MtecPla Project, we were excited to finally test the capabilities of our detection systems with specially prepared sediment plastic mixtures under controlled laboratory conditions.
ZIM MtecPla Kickoff Call


Project Start 'MtecPla'

In the research project ‘MtecPla’, planblue, together with the University of Stuttgart, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and Kurt Synowzik Werkzeug u. Maschinenbau (KSW), is advancing its technology further and taking marine litter monitoring to the next level.


Technology Demo - Portugal, Sept. 2020

We are very excited to officially announce our technology demo in Cascais, Portugal in September 2020. Together with our partners Municipality of Cascais and SeaForester we will host several
Joost den Haan at TEDxBremerhaven


Joost at TEDx Bremerhaven

Our CEO Joost den Haan gave a TEDx Talk recently and it is now online. Go check it out to find out more about his passion for the seafloor and why he believes that studying and understanding it is crucial to change the way we interact with the underwater world.


Return to the University of Guam (NASA EPSCoR)

In November 2019, our CTO Guy returned to the island of Guam in the Western Pacific. Together with Prof. Tom Schils and his team, Guy monitored the island’s coral reefs with the new and improved planblue technology.


University of Guam (NASA Geocore)

In September 2018, Joost visited the island of Guam (USA). Together with Prof. Tom Schils from the University of Guam, he scanned coral reefs using the PlanBlue technology. This project was executed as part of the NASA Geocore program.


Seafloor restoration in Southern France

In July 2018, we monitored seafloor restoration efforts in Monaco / Southern France, together with the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis and AMPN. This project is supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. Follow-up projects are scheduled early 2020.
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