Taking the next step with our underwater navigation technology

After a couple of months fine-tuning our hard- and software in our labs and home-offices we now finally had the chance to test our technology again in the water before preparing for the next mapping campaign.
Underwater testing setup

Underwater testing setup

As our usual testing site Hemmoor, a chalk lake in the North of Germany, was not available due to coronavirus restrictions, we set up for testing in our own “house garden” at the Stadtwaldsee in Bremen, less than 2 km from our headquarters.
With two people under water and three people on boat at all times, we were able to verify the navigation performance of the planblue camera and interplay of its new and improved hardware parts. With only minor adjustments to the technology, we are very pleased with the outcome of our field trip and are now ready and looking forward to visit Nice Sophia Antipolis University and the Ecoseas Laboratory for a new underwater monitoring campaign.
Guy Rigot handling the planblue camera

Guy Rigot handling the planblue camera

Testing our technology even in murky waters

Testing our technology even in murky waters

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